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HOW TO BE A FAVOURITE TEACHER This Paper is to fulfil the Assignment of Seminar On English Language Teaching

This Paper is to fulfil the Assignment of
Seminar On English Language Teaching
Drs. Agus Edi Winarto, M.Pd
Tri utami
9322 074 09
Class : E
Group : V

I.                   Introduction
Become a favourite teacher is a proudness for us. Because it seems that we are very closed with the students,  they like us, interest in our subject, listen what we say and feel enjoy when they attend our class. They also waiting for attendance even they will dissapointed if they do not have something new from our explanation. They always happy when they meet us, and they also tell us about their story or their problems.
So, how can we do that?As a next teacher, we can do some steps to be a favourite teacher. Because become a favourite teacher is one of the thing that can be a success indicator for our students’ future. Our students are the next generation in our nation, however, the teacher becoming one of the people who responsible in their future. Because the teacher directly have interaction with them in create their attitude, behaviour, giving understanding, flying their imagination and hope, giving spirit and move their power.
From the teacher, students imagine their future, planning a dream for their life, flying to the sky  such like a bow run from the arrow. If the arrow (teacher) has a big power and perspective to the future, the students will run fast also. But if the arrow is so weak, that the bow just run slowly,even they fail to run because they do not have power.
Such as Bu Mus in the novel “The Rainbow Troops”, she dedicate her life to teach ten children in the small village. She never think about her salary, she just wants to see her students get the knowledge. She never give up to make them rech their dream. She can make them brave to make a dream which is very useful fo their future.

II.                Main Discussion
Teacher is an important figure to make the students get a good achievement in their study. How does the teacher teach them, the way to explain, control the class, motivate the students and also make them feel enjoyy in their teaching. It will influence their study. In the fact, every teacher has different ways on their teaching learning. Teacher who scaring , boring, selfish, authoriter, monoton, text book thinking, will never called as a favourite teacher, because they do not have a positive interpretation, creative, innovative and inspirative.
Then, how to be a favourite teacher? There are some ways to get it. Basicly, it still start fom our special skill that we have, but we just improve in some  parts to make them more complete.
1.      Good attitude and behaviour
A good teacher should has an attitude behaviour that anthusias, stimulative, hard work, tolerant, polite and wise. They also have to believable, flexible, and easy to make adaptaion, democratic, and full of hope for the students. So, the teacher is not only find their reputation, but also responsible in their teaching learning activity, be patient and have a good hearing.
2.      Understand the subject deeply
This is the main point become an ideal teacher , by understand the subject¸ self confidence will build well, there is no doubt, or worried about the students’ question. In this context, the teacher should teach thesubject based on their skill, as the aphorism says “The right man on the right place”. It is mean that an ideal teacher is a teacher who teach the subject that become their field. For example, if the teacher has special skill in Arabian language, then teach in English subject, it will give bad result, such as the students’ quality is low or the students have no spirit.

3.      Have a broad knowledge
The teacher should follow the new information because, in every second there are alot of changes around the world.It can directly accessed from the newspaper, radio, books, television, internet,etc. It will become  an interest thing from the teacher to be a favourite teacher. Because the students are exited with a new information. Both of them can get more knowledge and get the up date news.This is also important to always study the previous lesson to remind them.

4.      Communicative
   The teacher who like to greet and give attention to the students’condition will be received by the students, than the teeacher who selfish and never care about the students’ problem. A good communication is very important as psychological approach to the students. Teacher acceptability become an important aspect for the fluency of teaching learning activity.

5.      Combine between the theory and practice
The student are easy feel bored if the teacher only give some theoris without any practice. Because the practice is needed as a tool to make the students more understand about the theories. The practice can be directly go to the field or just go to the laboratory. As an english teacher, we can go outside and try to speak up about the environment or the new event, or may be we can do writing exercise. By this practice, we hope that the students to improve the material that they have.

6.      Humorist, but serious
Some of the characteristics of favourite teacher are have a dinamiccharacter, competitive,but humorist also. When the students are in the tired mind, tired physic and bored thinking,  an humor is very needed. With a high of humoristics, a teacher can make the situation more fresh and relax. But, we just use the humor aslong as we need, do not use it too much. Because it is just a way to refresh the thinking and lost the bored.

7.       Self control
A teacher has to manage their emotion, when the student have known for several times, we give them warning even educational punishment, but they still do the mistake again. So, the things that we can do are be patient and never give up. We have to control our emotion so that we are not easy to get angry.
8.       Wise
A wise teacher knows when they become a teacher, when they become a parent, and when they become a friend. They can change their figure based on the students’ necessity and situation. They can solve the problem with a clear mind and netral perspective. Never get angry if they get any problem with the students.

9.      Dicipline
Diciplin not only a must for the students but also to the teacher. If the teacherare dicipline, they will give a positive example for the students, and become the figure in their daly activity. So that soon or later the students will follow their dicipline. Because teachers’ dicipline is not different with the student, for example arrive in time and obedient the rules.
These are some ways to be a favourite teacher, started by themself. Become a favourite teacher is not a must, but we are ever become a student so we can know about the students’ want and something that they hate. These are several things that student hate : bad performance, rarely attend the class, like to give some assignment without any corrrection, rough talk, like to order someone, give punishment.

III.             Conclusion
Become a favourite teacher is a necessity  for us to make the students easy to get the knowledge, by doing some steps such as, have a good attitude and behaviour, understand the subject deeply, have a broad knowledge, communicative, combine between theories and practice, humorist but serious, have a self control, wise, dicipline. We hope that the student more enjoy to follow our class, but still can catch the material. Because this is the main point of the goal. We can transform our knowledge to our students.

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